LifeLiberal White woman complains of man being rude and spitting on her...

Liberal White woman complains of man being rude and spitting on her in San Francisco, conservatives say she deserves it  

Conservatives are stating that liberal White people should not complain after getting rude treatments in their respective constituencies. This is due to the fact that they voted for all of these policies. The popular belief of Americans that are conservative is that liberal states like California are unsafe due to these policies. 

Newsweek states, a viral video captures a young woman’s account of facing a distressing incident in San Francisco. She reveals being spat on and receiving threats with rape by an unknown individual. Graphic designer Hannah Ayla, receives over 1.1 million views within a short time on TikTok. 

Furthermore, Ayla addresses another TikTok user’s comment implying she “got what you voted for” and she describes her assailant as a “well-groomed white man.” 

In recent years, San Francisco is undergoing a surge in crime, leading to high-profile businesses departing due to safety concerns. This situation is igniting a broader discussion about law enforcement and “Defund the Police” efforts in Democratic-led cities.

Liberal White woman spat on face, conservatives say she deserves it 

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There are a number of memes of this story gaining traction on social media. Following that, Twitter users state that people like her are the ones actively voting for the Democrats. Unfortunately, these are the results of voting for the Democrats according to most conservatives. 


In addition to this, users do not believe that the perpetrator was a well groomed White man. They feel that she is covering up information that is missing. Following this, Twitter users are joking that we should all look out for a White man that is neat and clean. They state that people who are dressed well tend to not behave in such a way. 

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However, Twitter users feel that she is merely doing this for attention. Some state that it is typical for liberal White women to find shock value in everyday life in order to gain some views on social media. Regardless, we cannot simply claim that the woman was lying as we simply do not know the full story.

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