LawTwitter users shocked at transgender woman demanding ex boyfriend to return testicles 

Twitter users shocked at transgender woman demanding ex boyfriend to return testicles 

The world is a peculiar place. Apparently, there is a transgender woman who is demanding her ex boyfriend to return their testicles that are in the ex couple’s fridge. Twitter users are in shock and many don’t know what to say regarding this situation. Furthermore, users are not finding this normal. 

According to the New York Post, Brianna Kingsley is demanding her testicles back from her ex-boyfriend. Following that, the person is claiming he is storing them in a jar. Kingsley, 40, files an affidavit asserting that their former partner, William Wojciechowski, 37, has her extracted testicles preserved in a Mason jar next to eggs in the fridge. 

In addition to this, a handwritten claim, seeks the return of their human remains specimen and $6,500 in damages. This is the maximum in the small-claims division. This unique legal case spotlights the challenges that are facing transgender individuals. 

Twitter users APPALLED by transwoman keeping her testicles in refrigerator 

There are several transphobic remarks when conservatives are getting round to this discussion. Some are stating that these people are “disgusting” and are engaging themselves in such lewd behavior and problems. This is rather a popular sentiment among Twitter users who are conservative. 

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Furthermore, there are others sharing their transphobic remarks stating that trans women like these should not be referred to by their preferred pronouns. There are a number of jokes in relation to the statement of this conservative user who adds the word “inches” in their tweet. 

Several others are correcting the news site stating that the person is not a transwoman, but rather an eunuch. They state that this “eunuch” is demanding their ex-boyfriend to return their male organs. 

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Following that, Twitter users found this the last thing they’d want to see for the day. Many users claim that after seeing that headline, it’s time to tune off the internet for the day. It is still shocking, and affairs like these should have their resolutions in private. 

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