LifeMan claims DOCTOR promoting GENDER IDEOLOGY to his 9 YEAR OLD son...

Man claims DOCTOR promoting GENDER IDEOLOGY to his 9 YEAR OLD son if hes NON-BINARY or TRANS 

The gender ideology agenda is getting more and more out of hand as of late. A man claims that his 9 and 7 year old sons went for their physical checkup, and their doctor was asking them regarding their genders. Furthermore, many find this to be highly inappropriate as children at a young age do not know much about complex topics such as this. 

Fox News states, the father of these boys calls himself a “common sense enthusiast”. He recently made a TikTok video in which he vehemently states his dissatisfaction with gender dogma. Furthermore, more than 6 million people have seen the video, which is gaining popularity on TikTok and Twitter. 

In addition to this, the father talks about how his 9-year-old son, a tackle football enthusiast and “boy’s boy,” was recently made to converse about gender ideology. All of this was happening while the child was receiving a normal exam at the doctor’s office. Following that, the father angrily expresses his worries about how such exposure may affect his kid. 

Americans showing their DISGUST towards gender ideology 

It’s going to a point where Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter is stepping in and hopes that parents will fight back. Furthermore, this is a popular sentiment on Twitter, as the opposition to gender ideology is solid. Most believe that children should be left alone when it comes to this. 

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In addition to this, medical practitioners are voicing out that the teenagers today are dressing up as the opposite gender more frequently. The user adds that the woke ideologies need to stop infiltrating children. However, others state that there are times where these kids are going through this in order for them to become more “popular.” 

Following that, a grandmother shows concerns over her granddaughters’ school as half the girls there are claiming to be lesbians. Furthermore, it appears that said granddaughter is only 8-years-old. However, the Twitter user claims that these kids are learning this behavior from television shows. 

Regardless, children as young as 7-years-old should not be worrying about what gender or who they have an attraction to. These topics are ones that most adults are struggling with as it is. 

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