EntertainmentWoke-left accused for MINIMIZING SERIOUSNESS of child EXPLOITATION material after being unsupportive...

Woke-left accused for MINIMIZING SERIOUSNESS of child EXPLOITATION material after being unsupportive to “SOUND OF FREEDOM” 

Twitter users are now pointing their fingers to the woke-left for being too “tolerant” towards individuals who are supporting child exploitation material. Furthermore, several news reports indicate that liberals are disagreeing with the film “sound of freedom” which explores the world of child sex-slaves. 

Fox News states, several liberal media outlets are criticizing the film “Sound of Freedom,” labeling it as “QAnon-adjacent” or “fit for QAnon”. Furthermore, these liberal outlets are relegating its portrayal of human trafficking to conspiracy theory territory. 

In addition to this, the film was from a true story about a U.S. Homeland Security agent saving children from human traffickers in South America. However, The Guardian and Jezebel, both U.K. publications, claim that it was somehow in association with QAnon. QAnon is a right-wing community that is receiving accusations of endorsing fringe conspiracy theories. 

Twitter users showing their dismay towards the woke-left and their leniency towards pedophilia 

Conservatives are now claiming that Jeffrey Epstien’s clientele list is full of Democrats. Furthermore, they state that this could be the possible reason why the list is not public. On the contrary, if the list was to be compromising mainly of Republicans, users claim that it would definitely be public by now. 

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Further accusations are thrown towards the Democrats claiming that they are complicit in these activities. However, there is no physical evidence that suggests they are indulging themselves in child trafficking. Regardless, this is what most Republicans believe. 

Some are accusing woke companies of trying to ban this movie in their cinemas. However, Twitter users state that the specific company others are talking about was showing the movie in Florida. It appears that Florida is a state that is prominently conservative and is a model state for the Republicans. 

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In addition to this, conservatives are accusing the woke-left of being terrifying. Furthermore, another user adds that they are the typical bullies, which are tough on the outside, but scared on the inside. 

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