EntertainmentCelebrityWill Megan Fox Remove Her Painful Engagement Ring Now? 

Will Megan Fox Remove Her Painful Engagement Ring Now? 

Remember when Megan Fox showed off her controversial engagement ring? The internet blew up with reports saying her engagement ring is to make it painful to take off. Well, now it appears that she and Machine Gun Kelly are going through a rough patch or are ending things. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s engagement in January 2022 had netizens curious about her ring. It was designed by renowned jewellery designer Stephen Webster. The crafting of the band of the diamond and emerald ring is with a unique touch. It is actual thorns, adding a touch of pain to its undeniable beauty.

Megan Fox deletes all Instagram pics

However, trouble in paradise has surfaced due to their recent social media feud. It appears that Megan has deleted all her Instagram photos and quoted Beyonce’s Lemonade song. Following that, she followed other artists that Machine Gun Kelly has beef with. 

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The first thing netizens had to say about their possible breakup is that Pete Davidson would be the first in line to date Megan. This joke is popular among Twitter users as Pete Davidson has seen dating multiple female celebrities after they have broken up from their long term relationships or marriage. Meanwhile, he even dated Kim Kardashian right after she left Kanye West. 

Another netizen brought up the painful ring that Megan has to wear, and they knew that the relationship would’ve been a failure from the start. However, it appears that the ring was just a joke and that it is not actually designed to be painful if she chooses to remove it. 

The recent rumours about the breakup between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have sparked mixed reactions among netizens. Some have claimed that the world is now in a “peaceful” state, while others have dismissed the speculation surrounding their relationship as insignificant.

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However, it’s important to note that neither party has come forward to confirm or deny the rumours. Social media has changed the landscape of how we perceive Hollywood celebrities and their personal lives, leading to quick speculation and rumours about everything from feuds to relationship problems. Despite this, it’s always best to wait for official statements and not jump to conclusions based on hearsay.

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