Sam Smith

Recently, Sam Smith has come out with a new debut album called Gloria, and has shocked netizens with his new outfit styles. This follows his shocking Grammys performance with mixed reviews. 

Sam Smith chose to wear a bold black outfit at the BRIT awards which certainly gained headlines. The “inflatable” balloon trousers look was designed by a Kerala born designer named Harikrishnan who’s clothes goes under the label HARRI.

On the other hand, the talented designer’s collection, first seen at the London Fashion Week, will be back again this season. His work found recognition now with Sam Smith sporting one of his designs on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards.

Netizens React To Sam Smith

 Unfortunately, netizens are not taking too kindly towards the outfit. One Twitter user claims that Sam Smith looks like a blow up puppy balloon. The netizen then asked what is wrong with those who praised him. Another user replied to the tweet stating that the outfit looks similar to a BDSM-type of outfit.

Another Twitter user has expressed their speculation that Sam might not have any “real” friends. The netizen noted that it seems Sam doesn’t have someone close to him who would have advised against wearing the controversial outfit. Many on the platform echoe the sentiment with the tweet in question garnering over 700 likes in agreement.

Furthermore, the outfit has been the bud of numerous jokes on Twitter. It is unfortunate, as the outfit does look unique and inspiring. A viral tweet claims that Sam is now wearing a pair of incontinent pants which comedian Billy Connolly was describing over 38 years ago. 

Netizens speculated that the comedian will be trending on Twitter again after more and more people have seen Sam’s outfit.

As for the netizens, they were not wrong, at the time of the tweets, public sentiments on Billy Connolly were gaining momentum. Furthermore, people were linking Sam’s outfits to Connolly’s almost 40-year-old jokes. But, Fat shaming?

Fat Shaming?


Meanwhile, netizens are not blaming the designer of the outfit but instead, they’re blaming the wearer.

However, this netizen claims that the outfit looks bland on Sam Smith, and that is probably why there is massive criticism towards it. On top of that, they then added that certain outfits are just not meant for certain people. 

The netizen went on claiming that if Lady Gaga wore the outfit instead, it would’ve made better waves. Twitter users were stating that the outfit felt forced or that it is too “camp” on Sam. Furthermore, for those that are in the dark, camp is a gen-z word for fashion that is done out of bad taste or towards an ironic value. 

Sam Smith remains one of the most gifted musicians in the industry, having captivated audiences for nearly a decade with a loyal fanbase. Despite this, the singer’s recent outfit choices and certain controversial music videos and performances have elicited less favourable reactions from the general public.

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