Business & EconomyHow to be productive even when jobless

How to be productive even when jobless

When we are not employed, we have so much free time on our hands. Because there is so much free time, we squander our time by sitting around doing nothing or using too much time thinking of the sad plight we are in.

But how we spend this free time can have a huge impact on our success both in our personal and professional lives.

Below are ways to spend our free time and become productive, even more productive than those who are gainfully employed:

Read to be Productive

This is an enduring ability. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, reading materials provide us with deeper insights and understanding of the world we live in. They introduce us to new environments, cultures we haven’t experienced, philosophies we don’t know about, new concepts, and new skills. In the same way, reading regularlylps us build our vocabulary, providing us with better communication capabilities and new topics to share with friends and family.


Stretching our muscles and bones even just for half an hour every day can get our blood thrusting, get our endorphins gushing, and invigorate our spirits. We build muscle, burn calories, and oxygenate our brains. Regular exercises help us to stay disciplined which can be a useful trait once we rejoin the workforce. And because we have toned our muscles, we look better and feel better.

Take classes

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Learning should not stop once we’re out of the university gates. It should not be confined to four-walled structures. If we want to be happy and successful, we should commit ourselves to never stopping learning. Today, instructional courses are not difficult to find. Many colleges offer courses for free (most especially online), and we can explore local forums or gatherings to find group workshops. If you have an internet connection, you can start learning a new skill easily.


To be of service to others — no matter where we are or how we do it — is advantageous for us and our community. Whether we’re helping clean up a street, working to feed homeless children, or providing tutorials to a group of unschooled youth, our time goes a long way toward improving the community around us. Volunteering is also a good way to network because we are introduced to people who may be instrumental in us finding a new job and can help propel our career forward.

These are not the only ways to achieve productivity and to use our free time but we can start from them. Doing any of these can improve our abilities, boost our mindset, and expand our network to levels that will increase our chances for success in the workplace.

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