Health & FitnessIs it misogynistic to eat animals? Some Twitter users think so 

Is it misogynistic to eat animals? Some Twitter users think so 

The debates on Twitter are seriously getting out of hand as some are starting to say that animal consumption is a misogynistic trait. This is stemming from a post where another person wrote the names of cows that were used to produce yoghurt. Unsurprisingly, the names of the cows are female names. 

According to the New York Post, vegetarians often claim that eating meat is murder. A study published in the Journal of Feminist Geography takes it a step further, stating that consuming barbecue brisket contributes to sexism and anti-feminism. The study argues that “hegemonic masculinity” demands meat consumption and reinforces other power hierarchies.

In addition to this study conducted by a student in the University of Central Florida concludes some interesting remarks. The vegan community is a space where traditional gender roles are in question. Vegan men, for instance, may exhibit a “hybrid masculinity” by incorporating elements of femininity, thus broadening the concept of hegemonic masculinity.

Netizens are unhappy with the linking of misogynistic behaviour to animal consumption 

A reply to the statement depicts that a netizen suggests that the person who thinks that drinking yoghurt is misogynistic should try some from a bull. This, of course implies that the person can try drinking the fluids coming out of one that is generally relates to procreation. 

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There are some comments that are against a certain community. These people are saying that the bulls should be able to identify as male or female. Another responds, saying that if a bull is “feminine,” then it should undergo a gender reassignment surgery. 


Another Twitter user sarcastically replies by saying that cow milk comes from their female counterparts. However, the sarcasm begins when the user starts implying that some Americans actually believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Others responded by saying that some vegetarians actually think that strawberry flavoured milk is not from cows. 

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Non-Americans are calling this behaviour the “American privilege” where some people actually have the time to think as such. Furthermore, suggestions that America spends a lot of money on education, yet at the same time, we are receiving statements like these. 

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