LifeRACY and EXPLICIT photos of allegedly OBAMA’s mother leaked, conservatives TELLING liberals...

RACY and EXPLICIT photos of allegedly OBAMA’s mother leaked, conservatives TELLING liberals to no longer ATTACK Melania Trump 

This information is a shocking one, especially for those who are staunch supporters of the Obamas. Following that, it appears that allegedly, the former President’s mother was in a number of explicit photos during her younger days. Furthermore, these photos are definitely inappropriate for viewing as the individual in them was not wearing any clothing. 

According to the Daily Mail in 2012, the ongoing “birther” conspiracy, which questions the authenticity of Barack Obama’s background, has taken a new turn with sensational allegations that could have significant ramifications. Over one million copies of a film containing these claims have been sent to voters in Ohio, a crucial swing state where Mitt Romney is struggling in the polls. 

Notably, the film garnered support from Alabama’s Republican Party chairman, Bill Armistead, who finds it “absolutely frightening” but considers it factual, leaving the ultimate judgment to the viewers.

Conservatives are bringing this up again, and are showing comparisons between the photos of his mother and this other individual that is supposedly his mother. However, there are certain facial differences in the photos. 

Conservatives reacting to these alleged photos of Barack Obama’s mother 

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Even if this is true, Twitter users are stating that this is a smear campaign against the former President. Furthermore, if anyone wants to bring the former President down, they should do better. Conservatives do not agree with this sentiment, they state that liberals are doing the exact same thing to Melania Trump. 

However, even if this claim is true, Democrats are stating that they will stand firm with their party. They are also alleging that Trump once had an affair with a porn star, another claim which is debatable. 

Unfortunately, there are more individuals alleging that the former President’s mother is a “skank”. Others claim that there is more “dirt” on her only if one does more research regarding her. However, these pictures are from a movie with the name of ‘Dreams From My Real Father’ and it claims that Obama’s life is not what we all think it is.

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Many are discrediting the film as the left states that this is meant to rile up Americans against each other. We may never know if those photos were really the former President’s mother or not.

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