LifeRep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked on Twitter after claims of school showing...

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked on Twitter after claims of school showing children explicit content

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, a Republican politician recently made a controversial statement on Twitter. She states that those who are supporting schools to show pornographic materials to children might be pedophiles. This is a common sentiment among Republicans when it comes to the liberal way of teaching children in schools. 

Prior to this, she was accusing the Democrats of being child molesters. However, this has no solid evidence. According to NBC, Rep. Greene stood strong on her stance, including calling Democrats a “party of pedophiles.” 

It appears that she stands by those statements, she responds affirmatively, asserting that Democrats support grooming children. Lesley Stahl, is challenging Greene’s claim, stating that Democrats are not pedophiles and is questioning her reasoning. Greene defends her position once more, alleging that Democrats, including President Joe Biden, endorse sexualizing children and supporting transgender surgeries for them. 

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene attacked on Twitter


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Liberals are fighting Rep. Greene for her remarks on Twitter. In addition to this, they claim that houses of worship may forgive offenders that may abuse children as well. Democrat supporters then allege that these places may be a safe haven for pedophiles as well. However, this is the opinion of a Twitter user, and there is no solid evidence that all houses of worship would engage in such lewd behaviour. 

In addition to this, a Twitter user states that the federal government is primarily focusing on pre-pubecent pedophilia. However, those who have gone through puberty, their cases are harder to fight for. The user then claims that there are a number of groomers running around the country that are not receiving any penalty for their crimes. 

Regardless, conservatives are stating their fear that the grooming of children may soon be a normal thing. This is due to some sources claiming that schools are teaching children explicit material. Unfortunately, we cannot fully know if these accusations are true or false. 

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