Fashion“Poor” and “helpless” thieves robbing Louis Vuitton store in California 

“Poor” and “helpless” thieves robbing Louis Vuitton store in California 

The woke agenda is seemingly approving of people robbing stores. They claim that luxury brands like Louis Vuitton are making massive profits, and that it is okay to rob from them. Conservatives are calling the irony out of this situation, stating that these people are neither “poor” nor “helpless,” but rather greedy. 

The LA Times state that According to a police officer present at the scene, Newport Beach police detained at least two suspects. Furthermore, they were actively searching for a potential third accomplice after an attempted robbery at the Louis Vuitton store. In addition to this, the store is within the Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island shopping center. 

Furthermore, Sgt. Steven Oberon, along with other officers, warns onlookers to steer clear as the situation was hazardous. The investigation was still in progress, and police vehicles were surrounding Fashion Island, preventing entry to the area shortly after 1 p.m. By 2 p.m., the store instructs its customers to evacuate and closed its doors. 

Conservatives calling irony of these individuals robbing Louis Vuitton 

In addition to this, conservatives are stating that when these stores decide to pack their locations in California up, woke individuals will call it racism. However, these stores will not continue serving certain areas if they are continuously making losses. 

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There are several racist comments towards this situation. Some users state that this is the doing of Black people. Not all people of the same race will engage in this kind of behavior. Furthermore, others are blaming the Democrats for enabling such behavior in California. 


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On top of that, some are literally suggesting that luxury brands like Louis Vuitton to start placing fakes in their stores. However, not many are approving of this decision as this will undermine the brand’s reputation for quality and excellence. 

Despite this, Twitter users state that jewelry stores are already doing this. Some of their display items are actually “prototypes” and are not real diamonds. Users think that brands like Louis Vuitton can implement something like this in order to tone down the robberies that are affecting them. 

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