LifeTikToker claims Black people are the “Gods” of the universe

TikToker claims Black people are the “Gods” of the universe

There are several strong claims from Black influencers that they are better than others a frequent amount of times. However, this one appears to be the most triggering among X users recently. A TikToker claims that Black people are the “Gods” of the universe, despite that everyone is actually made equally. 

According to the Washington Post, a significant majority of Black Americans perceive the U.S. economic system is against them. Furthermore a slight majority express concerns that racism will exacerbate in their lifetimes. A poll unveils a prevailing worry among Black adults that they face marginalization and live under the shadow of hate and discrimination in their daily experiences. 

Additionally, a majority of respondents believe that it is currently riskier to be a Black teenager than when they themselves were in their teens. Surprisingly, close to half of Black Americans view the present as a “favorable period” for Black individuals in the nation. This is a notable increase from 2020. 

X users disagree with claims that only Black people are “Gods” 

Conventional conservatives are stating that this is a form of delusion. Others are going ahead with the racial stereotypes of African Americans twerking and dancing on cars. The unfortunate and unequal past treatment of African Americans is unfair. However, it is a significantly different ball game today. 

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X users are stating that people who believe they are better than everyone else racially may have an inferiority complex. In addition to this, some users are jabbing that some African Americans people would tend to have straight blonde wigs, which is commonly found among White people. 

Furthermore, there are more twerking jokes regarding this TikToker’s statement. X users state that those who believe this woman would probably belong with the twerk “Gods” of Wakanda. There are several users who actually agree with these sentiments. It is rather unfortunate for others to see a specific racial group in America down to twerking and other harmful stereotypes. 

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Another harmful stereotype about Black people is now everywhere on X. A user states that they are powerful to “steal” and “rob”. Not all African Americans are like this and regardless if it is a joke, it should be carefully said. 

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