For many, there are proper ways when it comes to protesting for the human rights of certain groups. However, these trans activists pouring human urine in front of the Human Rights Commission in London are making many disagree with their actions. Such behavior is leading them to receive transphobic comments from the general public.

Action of Trans Activists

According to Reduxx, on May 22, members of the group Pissed Off Trannies (POT) assembled in front of the EHRC. They pour 90 liters of human urine all around the structure. The protest was in response to Melanie Field, the executive director of the EHRC, recently affirming the concept of “sex.

Following that, field made the comments in an interview with Transactual, a transgender activist group led by transgender man Helen Belcher. Belcher challenges Field to define “biological sex,” to which he replies that it was the “sex recorded at birth.”

Twitter users disgusted at trans activists pouring their urine in front of EHRC 


However, many are vehemently against such sentiments. One Twitter user states that these activists need to get a job and grow up. He adds that behaving in such a way will not get serious responses towards their cause. Others are accusing these activists of engaging in certain activities, hence with the urine pouring. 

Trans Activists Condemned

Following that, some are questioning them collecting over 90 liters of excrement. There are transphobic comments stating that they are still men if they’d be willing to collect their excrement for this. Furthermore, another user claims that if they were to be in a protest, they would most definitely stick to a protest sign. 


Furthermore, there are those that believe these activists are up to things that are more sinister. One user states that they might be pouring gasoline next. Others think that this is a scary thought. The user then states that these people need to be arrested. 


Conservatives are stating that activists like them are a minority in a minority. This is in lieu of the small amount of actual transgender people world wide. In addition to this, many of them would not even indulge themselves in such behavior. Thus, these activists are a minority in the segment of minorities. 

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