NewsTwitter users VOTING on POLL to see whether Trump vs DeSantis is...

Twitter users VOTING on POLL to see whether Trump vs DeSantis is MORE POPULAR 

Recently, the governor of Florida, DeSantis, announced that he would be running for President. This means that he is challenging the status quo that Trump has in the Republican party. Furthermore, conservatives are in shock with the announcement, and they are anticipating who will win the presidential seat for the Republican party.  

According to the Independent UK, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially announces his candidacy for the presidency by filing the necessary paperwork. Governor DeSantis formally launches his 2024 campaign during a Twitter Spaces event alongside CEO Elon Musk.

He is now creating a direct rivalry with former President Donald Trump. Governor DeSantis is primarily positioning himself as the most electable Republican candidate, emphasizing his ability to defeat President Joe Biden. Furthermore, supporters of DeSantis highlight his youthfulness, being the youngest male governor at the age of 44. In addition to this, his focus on environmental issues as factors that could appeal to centrist voters.

Twitter users speculating who is more popular, DeSantis or Trump 


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Conservative Twitter page, End Wokeness is actively asking their audience regarding who they think will win the Presidency seat for the Republican party. Currently, the poll suggests that Trump will win the Republican placement at 65.2% over DeSantis’ 34.8%. However, this is subject to change as the poll has two days left for the public to vote on it. 

A Trump supporter states that they will be continuing their support towards the former President. In the eyes of the supporter, this is due to Trump keeping his promises to his voters. Furthermore, under Trump’s rule, there were no new wars and American companies were under pressure to return to the United States. 


Another Trump supporter states that he will be able to turn back America’s economy and make it better. In addition to this, the supporter states that he will be able to end the Russian-Ukraine conflict. There are those that claim he will merely give Ukraine to Russia, but the conservative user states that Ukraine isn’t America’s to give. 

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Some Republicans believe that DeSantis may win the election for the next two terms. However, they also believe that the Democrats are pushing the idea that Trump should be the representative of the Republicans in order for Biden to win another term. Regardless of Trump’s policies, there are a multitude of flaws that he showed when he was President. Republicans are now at a crossroads between Trump and DeSantis. 

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