LawTrans person ARRESTED after sending threats to multiple school areas

Trans person ARRESTED after sending threats to multiple school areas

A trans woman is recently under arrest after making various threats throughout multiple school districts. This is shocking, especially after another trans person shot up another school with three children as his victims. 

According to the New York Post, Local reports are indicating that William Whitworth, who goes by the name Lilly according to prosecutors, is taken into custody by the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office on March 31st. This is after authorities discover floor plans to Timberview Middle School in the possession of the 19-year-old.

However, the same person allegedly admits to wanting to carry out a school shooting. The information comes from an arrest affidavit, which local outlets have obtained and are reporting on. The Colorado Springs Gazette states that Whitworth’s sister had called the authorities to report that she was lashing out and making references to school shootings. 

Furthermore, the affidavit refers to Whitworth as a male, the sister reportedly refers to the suspect as “Lilly” and as her sister.

Trans person threatens to shoot up school 

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However, a controversial Twitter page, Gays Against Groomers tweets about the incident. Moreover, they are also vehemently against children transitioning before their legal age. Unfortunately, they also receive hate towards their mixed stance with the trans community despite being a part of the LGBT community. 

The Twitter user claims that their ideology is “harmful” towards children. They add that the schools who allow this to continue should also receive charges against them. 

Conservatives are saying that the government will spin this issue around and make Lily the victim. It appears that some are unhappy that the transgendered community is not speaking out against such violence. However, there are studies that show the obvious, which is that significantly more towards non-trans people, or cis-gendered people who are involved with school shootings. 

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