Health & FitnessTRANSABLED woman BLINDS herself, says she should’ve been BORN BLIND  

TRANSABLED woman BLINDS herself, says she should’ve been BORN BLIND  

It appears that the ridiculousness of our modern day society is reaching its peak. It seems that the transabled movement is one of the newest and hottest trends for some to hop on. There have been numerous debates on whether transracial and transable people deserve respect for their choices. 

Furthermore, some are stating that these issues are completely different from the transgender movement. Meanwhile, others are insisting that these should all be in the same category as they are all altering someone’s natural identity. Now, whether you are in agreement with any of these or not is entirely up to your own decision. 

According to FOX News, Transableism, a term that emerged recently, is a new way of referring to BIID or “Body Integrity Identity Disorder,” which is characterised by individuals identifying as handicapped. Some individuals suggest that the renaming of BIID to transableism is to align it with the trans community’s advocacy efforts.

The internet is going crazy over the transabled movement 

End Wokeness states that a guest on the Dr Phill show states that she identifies as a blind woman. Furthermore, they state that the doctors who disagree with BIID are transphobic. In addition to that, a prominent and popular internet personality, HRH Collection implies that the woman is unattractive. 

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A Twitter user asks the million dollar question as to why is it only transgenderism acceptable and transracial and transabled people are not. However, another user replies stating that the medical industry is profiting off people who are changing their genders. For transabled and transracial people, there isn’t much money to be made from them. 

Most agree that “woke” people would’ve been committed to mental asylums back in the 1970s. However, it seems that they are running free all over the country wreaking havoc to our modern society. 

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Others are angry at the fact that this woman is now able to collect disability checks from the government. In addition to this, there are a number of people who actually need the money to better their lives. Instead, it seems that people like her are receiving free money from governmental institutions. 

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