politicsTrump Controversially Embraces Ballot Harvesting 

Trump Controversially Embraces Ballot Harvesting 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump continues to oppose other early voting methods such as ballot harvesting. Now his campaign is making an attempt to pursue such votes after Democrats thrived at doing so in recent elections. 

Reportedly, to those acquainted with the project, his staff is researching state rules governing both absentee and mail-in voting as well as ballot collection, which opponents refer to as “ballot harvesting.” 

It amounts to a dramatic shift for Mr. Trump and GOP challengers claim the party lost prior elections by focusing too much on Election Day participation, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Trump changing heart on ballot harvesting

In the previous elections, former President Trump took a loss at the elections as he discouraged ballot harvesting. He was against mail ballots as he claims that physical votes are what counts the most. Unfortunately for him, the country was in the midst of a global pandemic in which many were encouraged to vote through mail. 

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A Democrat supporter mocked Trump’s statement saying that he should also implement drop boxes in front of every stereotypical redneck location. These locations include Walmart, Tractor Supply, Casinos, Churches and so on.  


Netizens agree that this is the way forward. Furthermore, they claim that the Democrats won a number of states simply by encouraging it. Another netizen responded saying that the Democrats will win more votes if this is encouraged. 

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Some are still doubting about vote harvesting and stated that Trump will regret agreeing with it. They also doubt that he would make it through the primaries. Another Twitter user responded that there are a number of voters who came in with votes which were done by others. 


Conservatives claim that this method should be illegal. They claim that the Democrat supporters have more access to other people. Furthermore, now that Trump announces that he approves of such methods, some speculate that the government might ban it. 

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