LifeTucker Carlson gaining significantly more views on X than Fox News, conservatives...

Tucker Carlson gaining significantly more views on X than Fox News, conservatives rooting for him 

Tucker Carlson, the leading figure for the conservatives in America is seen to be more popular on X than he ever was on Fox News. On X, he received over 265 million views, while on a good day on Fox News, he received only 3 million. Furthermore, X users are agreeing that this is helping the conservative figure gain more popularity. 

However, a few months back, it was appearing that his views were declining. According to Forbes, after Tucker Carlson’s transition to Twitter in June, his initial show garnered approximately 120 million views, but those numbers declined by about half over time, with a continuing downward trend. 

Notably, the most recent Episode 11, featuring an interview with rapper Ice Cube, has accumulated 6.1 million views since its posting last Thursday. Despite the decrease, these figures remain impressive, surpassing viewership numbers that many prime-time cable news channels would envy.

Tucker Carlson popular on X 

Conservatives are patting Elon Musk on the back for giving the conservatives a platform to grow. This is seen as a positive attribute as politics will always need balance regardless which side is more tolerant or logical than the other. Furthermore, some are suggesting that YouTubers should receive a fast track on X to grow their audience. 

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Furthermore, many others claim that Tucker Carlson is doing a lot better now than he did when he was on Fox. The conservative media personality has gained even more popularity since he had an interview with former President Donald Trump. There seems to be a growing support for conservative speakers. 

Others state that his interview with the potential next President for Argentina, Javier Milei. That video received over 400 million impressions. Regardless, Tucker Carlson has always been a popular figure for Republicans in America. Democrat supporters have always scorned him for his different point of view. 

Many see that X is a platform where anyone can thrive, despite the woke agenda trying to silence those who think different from them. The strength of conservatives in America is proving liberals otherwise. 

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