LifeX users calling “White guilt” a mental disorder, and that someone born...

X users calling “White guilt” a mental disorder, and that someone born a certain race should not feel guilty 

The sensitive topic regarding race is one of the biggest issues in the woke community. A significant amount of woke individuals, oddly, are White people. Yet, with the full irony, they tend to put themselves down. Now, a particular term that is coined by the community which is “White guilt” is supposed to make them feel better about themselves. 

There is nothing wrong with being Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or any other race. What is important is the substance of the individual. According to an article, White guilt refers to the profound sense of guilt triggered by the recognition of unearned racial privileges. This also includes personal acknowledgment of racist attitudes or actions, and a sense of responsibility for others’ racist behaviours. 

Furthermore, this complex emotion can propel individuals towards unlearning racist beliefs and actively combating White supremacy. Conversely, it can also prompt some to deflect from these feelings, adopting a defensive stance rather than addressing the underlying issues of racism.

X users refuse to entertain those who suffer from “White guilt” 


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Several users on X state that this is merely propaganda. They claim that the mainstream media and pop culture is teaching White children to not be happy being born as they are. The conditioning and guilt injection that has been done is seen as a criminal offence to the conservatives on social media. 

In addition to this, conservative White people are openly stating that they do not have White guilt. Others agree with this rhetoric as they aren’t even part of the 1%. Furthermore, the woke agenda is encouraging minorities to blame White people for the mistakes that have happened in their lives. 

Sensible users state that nobody should feel shame for being born the way they are. All of us had no choice on what race we are born as. The best way to move forward in today’s world is to be proud of your individual self and for your hard earned achievements. The race of an individual should not play a role when it comes to someone deciding who they are without even knowing them at all. 

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