EntertainmentCelebrityTwitter users DISGUSTED with Sam Smith’s recent “ALL AGES” performance 

Twitter users DISGUSTED with Sam Smith’s recent “ALL AGES” performance 

Sam Smith is one of the biggest endorsers for the woke ideology. Twitter users are generally not fans of the “Stay With Me” singer. Furthermore, Sam Smith uses non-binary pronouns and would prefer to have everyone refer to the singer as “they/them”. This is the other issue that is making many uncomfortable with him. 

The Daily O states, Friday’s concert featuring Smith’s rendition of “Unholy,” fans are raising concerns about the singer’s artistic choices. Furthermore, this is sparking a debate among audiences. Some fans found the performance inappropriate, particularly due to the absence of an age limit at the concert. 

However, critics are arguing that Smith’s performance is unsuitable for a diverse audience, especially when it involves children. However, in defense of Smith, many supporters shifted the responsibility onto parents. They are emphasizing the need for them to consider the concert’s content before purchasing tickets for their children. 

Sam Smith’s “all ages” performance 

Furthermore, prominent conservatives who are part of the LGBTQ community are speaking out against Sam Smith’s behavior. Ty’s Tough Talk, a popular gay conservative on Twitter states that he is a “horrific” example to humanity. There are several users mocking Smith for being overweight as well. 

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In addition to this, it appears that the singer was twerking on a performer whose face looks somewhat unhappy. Twitter users are stating that the performer looks as though he is able to smell peculiar odors from Smith. However, it is only a rumor and it is unclear whether the non-binary singer actually smells bad or not. 


Oli London is also sharing his two cents regarding the matter. He states that the sexualisation of himself should not be appropriate for children to see. Furthermore, there are plenty asking about how certain gay celebrities are making the LGBTQ community look bad. Unfortunately, to some, Sam Smith is one of those people that is making gay men look bad. 

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Following that, many were expecting the 2020s to have flying cars. Unfortunately, according to Twitter users, we are now able to see “fat men” in fishnet clothings “jiggling” their butts. 

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Image above is from Sam Smith’s official Instagram account.

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