LifeWhite students forced to lie on applications on their ethnicity to receive...

White students forced to lie on applications on their ethnicity to receive aid for college education due to woke policies 

The woke policies have made several underprivileged White Americans to undergo a process of lying in order to receive aid for their college educations. Prior to the woke epidemic, students were allowed to be honest and show their grades in order to receive their benefits or scholarships. However, it seems in today’s world, an individual’s “oppression” is more important.  

According to Yahoo News, a survey of 1,250 White college applicants aged 16 and older revealed that 34% of them fabricated information on their applications. Nearly half, 48%, falsely claimed Native American ancestry, while around 9% lied about being Asian American or Pacific Islander. 

Following that, of the students who lied, 81% did so to improve their chances of admission, while 50% aimed to secure minority-focused financial aid. Interestingly, approximately 75% of those who lied were accepted by the institutions they deceived. The survey also noted gender disparities, with more males (48%) than females (16%) lying about their race.

White students forced to lie on applications for scholarships or financial aid 

Conservatives state that the woke system is failing. It’s inherently forcing youngsters to lie about their race and ethnicities. Furthermore, many feel that the merit system has been dismantled in America. X users are calling out the woke supporters stating that they are the reason for this happening. 

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In addition to this, others claim that ivy league schools like Harvard are purposefully rejecting Asian males with good scores. Furthermore, they state that these institutions would rather admit a minority student with a significantly lower score in order to be more diverse. However, these are bold claims made by the conservatives. 

Several woke individuals tried to rescue this whole agenda. They claim that White privilege is real and there is a higher perception given to White people. Conservatives respond that if White students have to lie about their race on an application, the privilege is long lost. 

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