The term White supremacists have always been in relation to the White people who believe their race is better than others. This is especially true and common thought in the rural part of the United States up till the 1970s. Even as late as the 1960s, the rights of Black Americans were limited in the Southern states. 

However, according to the New York Post, federal officials are exploring the possibility of Garcia, a recent shooter, having a White supremacist ideology. One of the hosts of the View, Ana Navarro emphasizes that the shooter’s Hispanic background should not exclude the possibility of his association with White supremacy. 

Navarro draws attention to Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, a White nationalist group. She also highlights that being Hispanic, Black, or belonging to any other racial or ethnic background does not exempt individuals from such beliefs. 

Twitter users react to woke Americans calling Latinos White supremacists 


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Clown World, a popular conservative Twitter account states that woke Americans will say anything to fit their narrative. If someone does not go along with what they’re pushing, they are a bigot. Another user states that this is a tool to demonize White people further, and shame non-Whites into voting for the Democrats. 

Many are calling liberal Americans unintelligent due to not disputing the fact that non-White people can be White nationalists. Back in the 1960s, even Mexicans and other Latinos were receiving discrimination from the southern states. Conservatives are stating that liberals should enact their own critical thinking skills before reacting. 

There are some that state that Latinos are also original White settlers from Spain who are as oppressive as their British counterparts. Furthermore, the person claims that the woke ideology is the original “red pill” truth pill. However, conservatives are disagreeing with this sentiment.

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Following that, a satire account also made remarks about the whole ordeal. The user states that minorities in America who are not Black are gathering sympathy points from White people. They also claim that climate change is making everyone turn to internalized racism. Regardless, Latinos come in all shades and colors, there are those who are Black, White, and mixed with Native blood. The broad definition of their category can be confusing for many. 

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