We are living in a strange world where some people are choosing to identify as “dogs” on social media and are barking at each other. It is unclear whether this is a joke, or if it is a legitimate fetishised action done by the women. 

The video, which is originally on TikTok, is gaining attention on Twitter. Many are upset at the fact that people are trying to normalise behaviours like this. Some may think that this is a new segment in the “non-binary” category as the movement preaches that anyone can be whatever they like. 

According to the Lad Bible, Jenna Phillips, who goes by the nickname Puppy Girl Jenna, makes over £700,000 by creating content for her OnlyFans subscribers, where she pretends to be a puppy. She is 21 years old and has filmed exclusive videos for her subscribers. In those videos she can be seen playing games such as fetch and drinking water from bowls.

People react in disgust to the women barking at each other

The video shows the woman, who is apparently Jenna, on a leash being guided by a man. She then sees another woman, in a similar position as her, and proceeds to bark at her relentlessly. It is an extremely awkward video to watch. 


A netizen states that 30 years ago, people like her would be dubbed as the weird dog lady. He also states that platforms like OnlyFans will only encourage people like her to behave in such a way. This is because there are a tonne of weirdos who are willing to pay good money to see women and even men to act in such a manner, according to him. 

Another person responds saying that if this happened back then, she would be rightfully placed in a mental asylum. Others state that the current rate of artificial intelligence creating beautiful looking people. Individuals like her may soon be out of this line of work and may need to get a “real job.” 


Surprisingly, there are some people who are openly showing interest to be like this. One woman cites that if there are no children around and she happens to be drinking, she might do it. Furthermore, she states that it looks to be a fun activity for her to engage in. 


A middle easterner states that the western society is abusing women in weird ways like this and are actively calling it freedom. He questions whether this is the ultimate freedom for women, or only for them to be controlled by the White man. Moveover, another netizen is questioning at the fact that people like her are still allowed to even vote. 

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