Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalAfter a 9-year-old girl died from lice infestation, mom and granny are...

After a 9-year-old girl died from lice infestation, mom and granny are arrested

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Watch the video above to see what a lice infestation looks like. Horrible. The video shows how Miranda Davis, 40, deals with extreme lice infestation!

We all know how annoying a lice infestation can be, but who would have thought it could also lead to a child’s death?

A severe lice infestation is now known to be the cause of death in some cases. So we should be cautious and take care of the lice.

In the United States, a mother and grandmother were both arrested on suspicion of murder after a nine-year-old girl died of head lice.

Another case

A year ago, the authorities said they believe a lice infestation was linked to another teen’s death. Kaitlyn Yozviak from Wilkinson County died of suspicious lice infestation.

A Wilkinson County grand jury indicted two parents on one count of murder and two counts of child cruelty for the death of their 12-year-old daughter.

According to the indictment, John Joseph Yozviak and Mary Katherine Horton failed to provide their daughter, Kaitlyn Yozviak, with adequate medical care.

In the Tucson, Arizona case, Sandra Kraykovich, 38, and Elizabeth Kraykovich, 64, were both charged over the death of the unnamed child.

According to court documents, emergency services arrived at their Tucson, Arizona, home on June 22 and discovered the girl unresponsive with ‘a large amount of bugs on her face.’

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‘Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that there was an enormous amount of lice in her hair,’ they added.

According to authorities, text messages sent by the mother show she was aware of her daughter’s condition, Law and Crime reported.

The girl is not named in the reports that says the mom did not listen to her boyfriend who suggested that she should bring the girl to the hospital.

Instead, she texted her boyfriend on and on March 21 saying: ‘OMG babe. Listen I’m in my room and my mom called me. (redacted) was asking if I could check on her to make sure she isn’t dying.’

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