Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalAngry mob chases woman with two husbands out of their village

Angry mob chases woman with two husbands out of their village

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Despite the fact that Indonesia is seen as more liberal than some other Muslim countries, there are nonetheless rigorous regulations that must be followed.

One cannot violate these rules, not if you live in a village where people take their “faith” seriously.

This is what a woman who married two men found out recently in a village in Indonesia.

The residents of the village threw her and her family out and burned the clothing that they had thrown outside her house.

The story goes that NN, who is still the wife of a man whom we know by his initials TS and is aged 49, secretly got married to another man named UA, who is 32 years old.

The story was shared on social media with a video showing the aftermath of the woman’s removal from the village. The video shows the pile of clothing from the woman’s house that is later put on fire with people screaming in the open space.

A community leader in the village says the woman’s marriage to the younger man took place without the husband’s knowledge.

But when the husband found out, he quickly divorced the woman according to the Islamic ruling, saying three times ‘I am divorcing you.”

This means the woman is not his wife anymore but does not discount the fact that the woman committed a sin according to the law.

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In December 2021, NN married her second husband in a hamlet with the help of a local cleric. The story does not tell us whether the cleric was aware that the woman was already married.

The instance of NN’s second marriage, on the other hand, was only discovered on May 10, 2022. A family member of the first husband, TS, looked into the matter of NN’s marriage to another man and made it public.

Following the discovery of this infidelity, TS declared a divorced NN.

Residents who sympathised with TS but were angered by NN’s behaviour went to the house of the woman’s parents, where they forced her out.

There is no indication whether she is still married to the second husband. However, officers of the National Commission Against Violence Against Women say the case does fall under polygamy in which a woman has more than one husband or polyandry.

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