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InternationalAre 'sex-crazed' women still cursed?

Are ‘sex-crazed’ women still cursed?

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What is it REALLY like to be a woman with a strong sexual desire? Being a woman who wants more than one man is frowned upon in some cultures.

And extreme sexual desires know no age or generational boundaries, according to this article.

According to the article, men find it threatening to have a woman who wants sex on a regular basis while men only want sex twice a week.

They also claim that some of them in sexless marriages discovered their high libido after having an affair.

A Gen-Zer with a high sex drive, on the other hand, claims it isn’t a big deal because her generation enjoys it.

This is reminiscent of Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nefzawi’s book, ‘The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight,’ a fifteenth-century Arabic sex manual and work of erotic literature.

The book offers opinions on what qualities men and women should have to be attractive, as well as advice on sexual techniques, sexual health warnings, and recipes to treat sexual maladies.

The book includes lists of penis and vulva names, a section on dream interpretation, and a brief description of animal sex. Interspersed among these are a number of stories meant to provide context and amusement.

Men who enjoy sex are referred to as “men being men.”

However, when a woman has a high libido and desires a lot of it, perhaps with a variety of partners, her branding isn’t quite so kind.

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‘Nympho.’ ‘Slut.’ These phrases are still used, even if the “double standard” has loosened…a little. The sex-crazed women in the western society are still misunderstood, says the article.

Laila, a 30-year-old woman who is currently single, believes men pretend to want a woman who constantly wants sex but find it threatening when they have one.

At first, they’re all like, ‘Wow! You’re incredible. ‘I love how much you enjoy sex.’ When I want sex and they don’t, it becomes, ‘There’s something wrong with you.’ We had sex earlier today. ‘Why isn’t that enough?’

Is it the reason why some women have affairs? That is because their men do not appreciate their sexual urges?

Grace, 46, discovered the pleasures of sex. “At 13, I remember standing naked in front of my bedroom window, which faced a fairly busy road. I wanted people to see me and was enthralled by the prospect of turning other people on simply by exposing my body. I lost my virginity at 16, but I’d been playing with boys since I was 13, letting them touch my breasts or put their fingers inside me.”

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Later she says, her sexual drive became a joke among her friends who did not like it.

She went to therapy, faced some uncomfortable truths, and then met someone she really liked and connected with.

“I didn’t want to betray him because I didn’t want to cause him pain. I’d figured out how to let someone in.

“That happened four years ago. We’re together, and while I’ve been tempted, I haven’t gone astray. Our sex is enjoyable, but for the first time, it is not the focal point of our relationship or what defines me,” she said.

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