LifeBlack man states that the world needs to genetically “purge” White genetics 

Black man states that the world needs to genetically “purge” White genetics 

Conservatives are showing their shock towards this Black man stating that the world needs to purge the White genes. Many are calling this a racist comment as it is literally a direct remark to a specific racial group. Unfortunately, in today’s woke world, awful remarks like these towards White people are the norm. 

Earlier this year, a racially motivated crime sent shockwaves all over America. According to Fox News, a Black man, Carlton Gilford has been charged with a racially motivated hate crime. He was fatally shooting two White men in the back of the head. 

The incident was on April 18, as per the Tulsa Police Department. Gilford, who was homeless, enters the Rudisill Library around 9:40 a.m., approaches a man seated at a desk, and shot him from behind. The victim, Lundin Hathcock, 35 years old, was taken to the hospital. He then shot a 55-year-old, James McDaniel as well. 

Twitter users showing their shock towards the Black man’s remarks 

Twitter users are calling this a racist threat against White people. Furthermore, some are stating that involving the FBI is necessary. They also state that if a White person were to say this about any other races, they would have to brace the consequences. Unfortunately, it seems that this individual is not receiving any consequences for his bold words. 

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Following that, there are White people who are hoping that this Black man will find peace in his mind and heart. However, other users are thinking that this might not be possible, as the hatred towards one race is possibly his only focal point. Some are speculating that he could possibly come from a place of pain rather than hate. 


Unfortunately, there are several racist remarks sent to the Black man. Some users feel that if he has a job, what he’s saying may not have any effect on his situation. However, they too are stereotyping this individual, claiming that he probably does not even have a job. 

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Others are merely hoping that what he is saying is simply a joke, or a parody. Despite this, some users feel that this is a genuine threat. Regardless, awful remarks towards an individual solely for their skin tone is wrong and should not be done. All humans are equal despite the colour of their skin. 

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