LifeBLACK woman says WHITE people need HER PERMISSION to SPEAK 

BLACK woman says WHITE people need HER PERMISSION to SPEAK 

Conservatives are showing their annoyance towards another TikToker who states that only Black and Brown people are given permission to speak to her. Unfortunately, for White individuals, they are not. Furthermore, she made several derogatory comments towards White people mocking the color of their skin. 

Social Work Today states that a study reveals both White and Black individuals acknowledge a decline in anti-black racism over the past six decades. However, Whites tend to believe that anti-White racism is escalating and now poses a more significant issue than anti-Black racism. 

Interestingly, White participants are expressing a strong perception that racism against Whites is significantly increasing. However, racism against Blacks are decreasing. On a 10-point scale, White respondents rate anti-White bias as more prevalent in the 2000s than anti-Black bias, with a difference of over one full point. 

Internet vehemently disagrees with Black woman stating White people needing her permission to speak

It appears that conservatives are now mocking her speech. She kept pronouncing “ask” as “axe” and Twitter users felt that was weird. However, it appears that certain individuals who are African American may pronounce the word similarly. 

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Users are mocking her for stating that White people should not talk about “her people”. They are assuming she owns some people. Following that, a conservative states that she should no longer speak in English as said language belongs to White people. They are stating that she needs to start speaking the language of her origin country. 

Following that, conservatives are stating that she seems mentally unstable and needs professional help for her behavior. In her video, she is even comparing herself to the “lord”. Lord is commonly known as God for most Christians. In addition to this, Twitter users state that she can easily private her videos for individuals to not comment on them.

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