Business & EconomyWoke media calling Conservatives BOYCOTTING Target Bud Light ECONOMIC TERRORISTS

Woke media calling Conservatives BOYCOTTING Target Bud Light ECONOMIC TERRORISTS

In the land of the free, many would assume that spending your money on what you want should be something that is normal. However, when conservatives are having enough of the woke ideologies that are creeping their way into everyone’s lives, it is a form of terrorism. Twitter users are vehemently disagreeing that they should continue supporting Target and Bud Light 

According to Fox News, Target finds itself in a precarious position during Pride Month, experiencing substantial financial losses. On MSNBC, Professor Justin Wolfers makes a controversial statement. He is suggesting that the company is either acting out of fear or falling victim to what he describes as “economic terrorism.”

Prof. Wolfers states that Target’s actions can be seen in two ways. One way is they are being cowardly, using protection and diversion as an excuse to make a weak decision. Following that, the other way is that they genuinely care about their employees’ well-being and have faced credible threats. 

He goes on to say that these boycotts are translating to economic terrorism. 

Twitter users respond to Prof Wolfer’s statement on Target suffering from economic terrorism 

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One Twitter user even states that it is one of the more powerful ways for Americans to voice out their opinions. Furthermore, those who are discouraging others to vote with their wallets should think otherwise. 


Following that, there are woke Twitter users that state this is indeed an issue. He claims that this is a supercharge MAGA propaganda campaign to drop down the share prices of companies that are “accepting” towards others. However, another user states that they’d prefer the superstore they shop at did not sell tuck friendly clothes for children. 

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Others state that this whole boycott is not the intolerance from the right wingers, but it is the overstepping woke left that is the problem. The term agree to disagree exists for a reason. If you don’t agree with a radicalized woke individual, you’ll have a new bigot label on your forehead. Many are calling this boycott simple capitalism. 

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