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LULULEMON employees FIRED after calling the police on THIEVES, conservatives calling it JOE BIDEN’s AMERICA 

The statement “Joe Biden’s America” is currently seen as something with a negative connotation. This is due to the conservatives seeing the government allegedly protecting criminals rather than the victims. Furthermore, Twitter users are angry at the fact that Lululemon is firing the two employees who did the right thing by calling the police during a robbery. 

According to the Daily Mail, following a shocking incident captured on video, three individuals are now facing multiple robbery charges. This is after they brazenly snatch approximately $7,000 worth of merchandise from a Lululemon store in Atlanta. The audacious act results in the firing of two store employees who are brave in confronting the masked thieves. 

Arrested two days after the event, Quintavious Gooch (19), Braylon Shivers (20), and Bayo Allen (19) are currently in custody at Fayette County Jail in Georgia. The disturbing footage reveals the culprits ransacking the Peachtree Corners store, which is experiencing a recent surge in robberies, swiftly grabbing armfuls of expensive athletic clothing before making their escape in a getaway vehicle. 

Twitter users are vehemently angry at Lululemon FIRING their employees for doing the right thing 


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A famous conservative on Twitter who’s tweets have been on the LA Times, MSN, CNN, Fox and others, shares his dismay towards the situation. Following that, it was due to the manager and an employee’s good due diligence that made the thieves land themselves in jail. Unfortunately, Lululemon does not see that as a positive attribute. 

Another Twitter user sarcastically states that if the employees were to help the criminals steal more items, they would probably get a big promotion. Moreover, it appears that the conservatives agree with this sarcastic sentiment. 


Now, Twitter users state that Lululemon is on the list to boycott, following Bud Light and Target. A single mother is condemning the sportswear store for promoting awful values by saying it’s okay to steal. Just a few years ago, stores would do the right thing in order to promote the idea of being an outstanding citizen. 

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Following that, others are recommending the former employees to steal all the store’s merchandise. Then, they are able to earn money again by reselling these stolen merchandise on Poshmark or Ebay. Regardless, the message is crystal clear to the conservatives. In their words, it seems that the brand is inviting themselves to get robbed. 

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