EntertainmentCelebrityDalai Lama seen kissing young boy on mouth? 

Dalai Lama seen kissing young boy on mouth? 

The Dalai Lama is always regarded as a man of peace and generally well respected in the western world. Unfortunately, there is a viral video that shows him kissing a young boy on the mouth. The internet is going crazy with this information. 

According to the Chronicle, Tenzin Gyatso, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism residing in exile in India, was in a video where he invites a young boy on stage at his temple in Dharamshala. Following that, the boy asks if he can hug the Dalai Lama, who responds with an invitation on stage. 

After the boy hugs and kisses him on the cheek, the Dalai Lama also invites him to kiss him on the mouth. The video has caused controversy online. Some people are labelling it as “creepy” and “disgusting”, while his supporters claim that it is just a harmless joke.

Twitter users respond to the Dalai Lama controversy 

Conservative Twitter page, Clown World shares a screenshot of the incident and captions it as “disgusting.” Another user shares the actual video of him asking the kid to “suck” his tongue. Furthermore, many are stating that this is in fact disturbing. Claims that the silence from the crowd shows that they may be uncomfortable with the situation. 

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However, there are some that are saying it’s Tibetan culture to do so. They greet each other with their tongues sticking out, and it appears to be a common practice among them. The person defending the Dalai Lama then states that surely the people in the crowd will do something to prevent it if they are uncomfortable with the scene. 

Moreover, another Twitter user suggests that this is simply an excuse for pedophilia. The person then states that it should not be normal for any culture to have such a practice, especially when they are greeting children. 


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There are still others defending the gesture as “Tibetan culture,” regardless, most western users do not accept it. One Twitter user claims that the Dalai is a “false” leader, and that there are many like him throughout history. 

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