Asia Malaysia Food rider's itchy hands get him punished for groping a woman

Food rider’s itchy hands get him punished for groping a woman

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After pleading guilty to a charge of outraging a woman’s modesty, a food rider was fined RM4,000 and sentenced to three months in prison by a magistrates’ court in Malaysia.

The 28-year old entered the plea in front of Nur Melati Diana Abdul Wahab, a magistrate.

On April 20, he was charged with using criminal force with the aim to offend the modesty of an Indonesian lady in Penang.

After hearing the allegations against him from Deputy Public Prosecutor Nazri Abdul Rahim, he pled guilty.

According to the accusation, the complainant was riding a motorbike near the Jalan Bukit Gambir traffic signal towards Sungai Nibong.

This is when the accused, who was also riding a motorcycle and dressed in work clothes, approached from behind and blocked the victim’s ride.

He is accused of committing criminal violence by touching the person’s breasts with the intention of violating the honor of the Indonesian woman.

Acting on the information, an officer together with members of the North East District Police Headquarters managed to arrest the accused last Sunday.

For this kind of offence, the accused can be charged under Section 354 of the Penal Code that carries a penalty of up to ten years in jail, a fine, or flogging, or any two of the punishments.

So guys, be careful in Malaysia. The laws protects the women against molestation and the charges and punishment can be very severe.

Before you think of attacking a woman to violate her modesty, think twice as a long jail term awaits you.

The accused, a father with a kid under the age of five months and a pregnant wife at the time he committed the atrocious acts, was fortunate to receive a lesser sentence.

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