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From Jessica Simpson, Adele and Rebel Wilson – celebrities are on a weight loss run!

Adele's fresh looks got her Hollywood celebrity friends posting praises on her Instagram account




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This year has definitely been a challenging year for the Hollywood and the music industry because of the .

With the cancellation of several activities and major concerts on hold, including the postponements of premieres of blockbuster movies, some Hollywood celebrities have taken a positive approach by spending time with their family or to .

And boy, have they lost a lot of weight. Adele’s weight loss definitely shocked fans when she posted her now slim figure on her profile back earlier this May. Joining her now in the music industry’s weight loss run this year is the songstress .


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A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson)

With a cheeky caption, she mentioned her husband saying, “So I thought Eric was taking a photo from the waist up…” that now shows off her very slim physique in a red Christmas style onesies.

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Her fresh look definitely got positive reviews, which her Hollywood celebrity posted on her Instagram account.

Jessica Alba exclaimed, “You so fit!” with a heart emoji.

Ruby of the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ showed some support with laughing emojis.

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One follower declared that “We all wanna know how did you get so skinny?” and another follower begged, “I need your diet and exercise plan. ASAP.”

Adele – Creative Commons

Of course, when we talk about celebrity weight loss this year, one person definitely comes to mind none other than Grammy award winner Adele wowed everybody with her complete overhaul during her hosting of Saturday Night Live.

Looking absolutely adoring with her slim, svelte figure, she accredited her weight loss to the Sirtfood Diet which is a highly restrictive diet that supposedly allows you to drink wine and eat dark chocolate.

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During the SNL show, she made a joke saying she knows many people haven’t seen her in a while, and because of the and ongoing travelling restrictions, she had to travel light and she could only bring half of herself.

Rebel Wilson Image: YouTube screen capture

Rebel Wilson of the successful ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie series is another Hollywood weight loss success this year has reportedly shed 60 pounds.

She declares on her Instagram page that the year 2020 is the year of health that helped her change her eating habits and attempt to work out more by going to the gym almost every day.


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A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

She also constantly posts her workout and active lifestyle pictures on Instagram. The pictures definitely show the payoff of the hard work that she has done this year.

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