EntertainmentCelebrityAughts singer Nelly Furtado back in the limelight as Tik Tok sensation

Aughts singer Nelly Furtado back in the limelight as Tik Tok sensation

Teens and tweens growing up between 2000 to 2009 will definitely remember singing sensation Nelly Furtado who is back in the limelight now for her TikTok videos.

The Canadian singer also spoke about her personal health struggles in an interview with Fault Magazine. Chief among them was a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) which is a neurodevelopmental condition which affects an individual’s ability to retain attention and control impulsive behaviour.

Furtado Diagnosed

“I just got diagnosed with ADHD in the last 18 months of my life. I believe I’ve had it my whole life, but playing instruments six days a week as a kid kept me in check,” said Furtado.

“So now I’ve been using chemo graphs and getting in the dance studio as a natural way of dealing with my ADHD. I find the discipline really helps my brain. The good news is I’m getting to know my brain really well. I love talking about it, so I’m hoping to share my experience with people and have conversations about it.”

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Most of the time ADHD is diagnosed in childhood and Furtado was asked whether learning about it in her 40’s was an issue for her.

“I do have the inattentive type of ADHA, not the hyperactive kind. Because I think I’m mature enough now to not be overly dramatic about it and just deal with it and find solutions rather than dwell on the emotional side of it.”

Furtado also spoke about her love for Tik Tok and the resurgence of her 2007 hit song ‘Give It To Me’ on TikTok.

“I found out why the DJs were playing these old songs and discovered that people want to celebrate and have fun to my music. When I started in this business, people would say, ‘Oh, maybe I’m a one-hit wonder,’ but 20 years have gone by and people still like my music.”

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