Business & EconomyInternet users excited for Apple’s iOS 17 release 

Internet users excited for Apple’s iOS 17 release 

Apple is gearing up for the release of iOS 17, expected to arrive in the middle to late part of September. This upcoming software update will be made available for iPhone XS and newer models at no cost. The update comes with an array of fresh features, although not all will be accessible immediately, as Apple’s official website points out.

A few features are slated for introduction in future iterations of iOS 17, possibly in the form of iOS 17.1 or even 17.2. Notably, internal testing for iOS 17.1 has been underway for several weeks, as observed through MacRumors’ analytics logs, indicating a potential release around late October, aligning with previous patterns.

Among the upcoming additions is a novel Journal app that empowers iPhone users to capture their daily experiences and memories using a blend of text, photos, music, audio recordings, and more. This app will even proffer personalized recommendations based on recent on-device activities.

The iOS 17 feature most users are excited about 

It appears that a number of users are showing their excitement about the new StandBy feature. A beautiful side view of the time will now be shown if the phone is charged horizontally. However, it is unsure if this will work with cables and chargers that have the Apple certification. 

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However, some X users state that this will work if you simply are charging your phone horizontally. No specific cables or devices are necessary for this feature. Following that, there are some who are showing less excitement for this feature. This is also due to how seamless the iPhone software is nowadays and there are not many new features that are in requirement for it.  

Time to say good bye to the legendary iPhone X

Unfortunately, the iPhone X is receiving it’s departure from major iOS updates. Apple fans are obviously sad with this departure, but it is a sign that the phone is substantially older. Regardless, the phone had a good run after it’s release in 2017 and it’s continuous major iOS updates until 2022. 

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