Asia Malaysia Investigation papers on Ustaz Lew's sexual harassment case are being completed

Investigation papers on Ustaz Lew’s sexual harassment case are being completed

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Another investigation paper on a sexual harassment case linked to a well-known preacher, Ebit Lew, is currently being completed.

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director, Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan said, his department is completing the investigation on the report made in the Peninsula, local media report.

According to him, the investigation was carried out, including tracing witnesses concerning the allegations.

“It is not certain when he will be charged, the investigation is still being completed,” he said.

Earlier, Ebit Irawan Lew Ibrahim Lew, also known as Ebit Lew, 37, pleaded not guilty after being charged in Circuit Court at the Tenom District Office, to 11 counts related to sexual harassment.

According to Bernama, the police are still seeking witnesses to help them with their investigation into the sexual harassment allegation of well-known independent preacher.

The officers at Bukit Aman’s police headquarters said the search for witnesses is part of a procedure that will aid in the completion of investigative files before the prosecution process begins.

“Aside from that, the police are also revising the investigation document surrounding this case from the previous reports, and I refuse to say more since it is still under investigation,” he said on Tuesday to Bernama.

For Lew, the accusations thrown at him were to tarnish his image and credibility as a charity worker.

“I believe someone or a group of people had planned for this, I will get through it and I see this as a test from God,” he said to the media a month ago.

“I am shocked because we are here to do charity work, not to go to court,” he said

“So I look at this as a test from God. It will not bring me down or stop me from carrying out community work here.”

It is at an interior court in the state of Sabah, in Borneo, that celebrity preacher Ebit Lew was hit with 11 accusations that includes sexual harassment.

After getting into an online dispute with a group of missionaries and a local influencer last year, Lew was hit with a slew of charges.

A police report for sexual misconduct was filed against him after the dispute. He later apologised to his opponents and said he had also forgiven them for their outbursts and charges against him.

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