Business & EconomyNew iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored to receive PRICE INCREASES from Apple 

New iPhone 15 Pro Max rumored to receive PRICE INCREASES from Apple 

In the tech world, smartphones are one of the biggest commodities that a manufacturer has to offer. Furthermore, there are rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro models are to jump up in prices. For the rest of the world, the iPhone 14 models have already received an increase. However, this time it seems that Americans will also be paying more for their devices. 

Macrumors state that according to a research note, the larger of the two upcoming Pro models from Apple is in anticipation to have a higher price than the current iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099. 

While experts are suggesting price increases for the iPhone 15 Pro models, this is the first time they specifically identify the Pro Max as costing more. Although there seems to be no specific reason. However, the newer Pro Max models will receive a bigger battery and it will stand out with a periscope lens. 

Twitter users reacting to the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s price increase 

Twitter users are not entirely happy with the price increases Apple is implementing to their products. However, a number of users are understanding the fact that inflation is hitting companies hard. Some are even showing their surprise that the company is increasing their phone prices this late. 

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In addition to this, users are complaining that the prices will have an effect world wide. iPhone prices have stayed relatively the same in America since 2018. However, the rest of the world, including Europe, has had their prices jumping up. Could Apple suffer with a lack of sales from these frequent price increases? 

Furthermore, Twitter users are complaining that the price increases are not justifiable. This is due to how little the smartphone is changing. Others claim that the new iPhone will be 90% the same as the one that came out in 2022. Following that, claims that Apple phones have not had significant upgrades since 2020 is another popular opinion.

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