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Kim Kardashian Is Preparing to Divorce Kanye West

‘He Knows That ’s Coming Soon,’ Says Source




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 is preparing to and news reports are saying, ‘He knows ’s coming soon!”

Kim was pulling the plug in 2020 but she decided to delay the inevitable because Kanye was not well at that time, says TMZ.

Kim and Kanye West have been in marriage counseling, and the subject of divorce was on everybody’s lips during much of 2020.

But they did not give up on their marriage during the tumultuous year.

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TMZ yesterday says the marriage was in deep trouble for the last half of 2020.

“In fact, we’re told Kim was ready to pull the plug on the marriage at one point but it was when Kanye was going through a serious bipolar episode and she felt it was cruel to do it when he wasn’t well,” says TMZ.

On the other hand, “He knows that she’s done,” a source tells PEOPLE about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is working with top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser.

If it happens, it will be one of the biggest divorce in the entertainment industry. Both have been living separately for a few months while Kanye was spending the majority of his time in Wyoming.

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During that time, Kim was in Calabasas with the kids.

TMZ says they were both absorbed in personal projects and didn’t focus on making any final decisions.

“She has had enough, and she told him that she wants some space to figure out her ,” according to PEOPLE.

While there is no sign when Kim will file the papers for divorce, People says in Decemberthe couple “very much live separate lives.”

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TMZ is saying the issues between the two were not contentious or ugly. “But they do have lots of differences … from lifestyle to politics. They are, however, fully aligned on parenting.“

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