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Kshama Bindu, a 24-year-old woman from Gujarat is all set to marry herself

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In 2019, we heard of a woman who wanted to marry a tree.

The woman, who married a tree in 2019, says the couple is still going strong three years later, and that they are planning to celebrate their third Christmas together.

Kate Cunningham even changed her name to Elder after marrying a tree at Rimrose Valley Country Park in Sefton, Merseyside, England, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, its about a woman from India who wants to marry herself.

Kshama Bindu of Gujarat, India, is attempting to make history by becoming the first woman to win the palms for the first-ever ‘sologamy’ in global history.

She had planned to marry on June 11, but when the groom was not ready, she opted to marry herself.

And her decision, which was widely reported in Indian media, has landed her in hot water, as no one appears willing to accept her future status as a sefl-married woman.

Furthermore, she is marrying herself in a formal ceremony that will include pheras, sindoor, and all other ceremonies, but there will be no baraat (no accompanying crowd) because there will be no groom.

“Ever since my teens, I never wanted to get married. The tradition, somehow, never appealed to me. But I did want to become a bride. So I decided to marry myself. It’s called Sologamy,” Bindu told a news outlet in India.

Bindu says she was inspired by the words of an actress in a web series who said that “every woman wants to be a bride but not a wife.” “And, thereon, my thoughts to marry myself got re-ignited,” Bindua, who graduated in Sociology from MS University and now works at a private firm outsourcing manpower, said.

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While we have no idea whether there is a sexual relationship between Cunningham and her tree, one would wonder whether Bindu will make love to herself. Well, that is if we assume that there should be ‘sex’ in a marriage.

On the other hand, here is Akihiko Kondo is an ordinary Japanese man. But he did the extraordinary thing.

Mr Kondo is married to a fictional character. He knows that Miku isn’t real. But his feelings for her are, he says.

Hatsune Miku is a computer-generated pop singer with turquoise hair who has toured with Lady Gaga and appeared in video games. Mr. Kondo performed a short, unofficial wedding ceremony in Tokyo in 2018 after a decade-long romance that he claims helped him get out of a profound despair. Miku, who was dressed as a soft doll, wore white and wore a tuxedo that matched.

Kondo, 38, claims to have found love, inspiration, and peace in Miku. He eats, sleeps, and watches movies with his collection of Miku dolls. They go on romantic excursions from time to time and post images on Instagram.

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He is well aware that others find it unusual, if not dangerous. He’s aware that some people believe he’ll grow out of it.

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