LawLiberals believe sex offender registries destroy LGBTQ rights, conservatives disagree 

Liberals believe sex offender registries destroy LGBTQ rights, conservatives disagree 

In our modern society, it is generally acceptable to identify as an LGBTQ individual. Throughout western society, it is the norm. However, some liberal Americans believe that having a sex offender registry list is detrimental towards the community. To most, they disagree with that statement as there are plenty of LGBTQ individuals who would never get themselves on that list. 

An article from 2016 suggests that doing so is necessary. According to Advocate, LGBTQ youth in prison face a dual threat of sexual abuse and homophobia, contributing to alarming rates of suicide attempts. Unfortunately,  one out of five youths on the registry have attempts at suicide. 

Furthermore, the laws that are meant to protect children can paradoxically prove harmful, even fatal, and life-altering. Youth registration, despite being a burden on law enforcement and contrary to public safety, disproportionately affects LGBTQ youth. To which part may be true, however, there are suggestions to remove this for adults as well. 

Conservatives disagreeing with removing the sex offender registry 

Twitter users are actually finding this offensive towards the LGBTQ community. Furthermore, it seems that the “woke” media is only making it worse for those in that community. Some state that the headline from Advocate is pretty telling. It is as though they claim that a certain group is significantly highlighted in this issue. 

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Furthermore, there are also talks about the Sound of Freedom being a “right wing extremist” movie. However, in reality, the movie was about child trafficking. Twitter users claim that these ideas are now conservative simply due to the fact that conservatives are the only ones left to care about social issues. 

However, liberals are stating a point where if a straight White man were to urinate out in public, he too would receive the sex offender title. Unfortunately for those in that situation, this will be a permanent scar on one’s record. Despite this, there should be a way to have a stricter definition on a sex offender, rather than disbarring it completely. 

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