Wednesday, June 29, 2022
AsiaMan bitten by snake on his butt sitting on toilet says he...

Man bitten by snake on his butt sitting on toilet says he got lucky

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A 28-year-old Malaysian man’s worst nightmare came true when a snake bit him on the buttocks while he sat on the toilet seat.

The man claims he was fortunate in that the snake did not bite his ‘balls,’ but rather his buttock, leaving a tooth in his flesh.

Dua bulan lepas bontot aku kena gigit dengan ular time aku berak. Ular tu keluar dari lubang jamban. Nasib dia tak gigit telur aku.

— Sabri Bey (@sabritazali) May 22, 2022

However, netizens are having a good time on Twitter and other social media networks, posting videos of snakes in toilet bowls and claiming to have nightmares when they go to the toilet.

He tweeted that he was sitting on the toilet bowl playing a video game, unaware of the presence of a snake.

In the tweet posted last week, he says the incident happened two months ago.

“I was on the toilet bowl and the snake came out of the toilet hole and bit me on my butt,” he says.

“Lucky it did not bite my balls,” he then said.

A netizen wrote that this is a “new fear unlocked”

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Another says, “My toilet session at the village (Kampung) will not be the same again.”

Sabri Tazali claims he felt a sharp sting and stood up to discover a snake clutching one of his buttocks.

He yanked the reptile off and rushed out of the bathroom, terrified.

He immediately contacted the nearby Fire and Rescue Department, and the snake was apprehended.

It was said to be a python, but thankfully it was non-venomous. Sabri was later taken to the hospital and given an anti-tetanus shot.


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Way back in 2017, a giant snake was spotted crawling out of a toilet bowl in Malaysia.

The two-metre-long snake weighing 20kg slowly crept out of their toilet bowl at around 8pm, according to Zulaikha Hannani, who recorded the incident.

Its unexpected visit was discovered by her brother, Mohd Zularif, who went to the bathroom and found the snake.

The family says it took them half and hour to bag the snake.

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