International Man sexually assault woman in the United Airlines First Class cabin on...

Man sexually assault woman in the United Airlines First Class cabin on a flight

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The arrest of a British man at London’s Heathrow airport has made headlines in the United Kingdom.

He is accused by a woman who claims he assaulted and raped her while the rest of the passengers were sleeping on the flight.

The man was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport after the woman complained to the cabin crew of a United Airlines flight.

According to The Sun, the woman told the crew that the man forced her to have sex with him. The plane was heading from Newark, New Jersey to London.

Cabin crew contacted London police ahead of time to report the incident. Metropolitan Police officers boarded the plane to arrest a 40-year-old man as soon as it landed at Terminal 2 on Monday last week around 6.30 a.m.

Meanwhile, officers searched the luxury cabin, and the man, who was arrested on suspicion of rape, was taken into custody at Heathrow police station.

The woman, also 40, was taken by police to a rape counselling facility and interviewed by rape-specialist officers.

Task Force

In the U.S. the National In-Flight Sexual Misconduct Task Force, created by that 2018 law, researched ways for commercial airlines, law enforcement, and government to address sexual assault that occurs on planes.

Among the task force’s recommendations are training regulations for flight attendants to recognise, respond to, and report instances of sexual harassment and assault (directed at both passengers and flight attendants).

It also set guidelines for law enforcement and airlines on collecting data and reporting assaults. The task force also recommends that airlines implement awareness measures such as onboard announcements, in-flight magazine notices, passenger codes of conduct, and statements posted on websites and/or Wi-Fi landing pages.

A survey of flight attendants found that 68 percent had experienced in-flight sexual harassment. It also says there has been a rise inflight sexual assaults from 2017 to 2019.

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