Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalMan sexually assaulted two guys after spiking their drinks with "aphrodisiac"

Man sexually assaulted two guys after spiking their drinks with “aphrodisiac”

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Typically, the story goes that some men would spike their female victims’ drinks to sexually assault or rob them.

In other cases, some men would spike the drinks of other men to rob them.

However, it is rarely reported or made public that a man has drugged another man to rape him.

A court in the United Kingdom heard how a man may have injected two victims with an “aphrodisiac” before sexually assaulting them.

Luiz Da Silva Neto, 35, is accused of spiking and abusing two men in November and December of last year, possibly with GHB or GBL.

Prosecutors say the first was targeted on November 9 after going to Da Silva Neto’s house in Middle Barton, Oxfordshire, to do some work for him.

According to the court, the couple arrived at the home and drank some Jagermeister before the man became tired. He went to bed fully clothed and awoke naked.

‘He tried to do something about it but realised his body was not working properly. It was as if he was paralysed,’ says prosecuting barrister Matthew Walsh, as reported in UK papers.

The man then realised that Da Silva Neto was naked and performing oral sex on him while pornography played in the background, the court heard.

‘He woke up the next morning and he describes himself as being “broken in two”,’ Mr Walsh adds.


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The court heard that Da Silva Neto made a “suggestion” that he would pay him money to settle the dispute, and while the man was “tempted,” he declined.

A month later, the court heard that a second man was out with work colleagues at the West End nightclub Raffles when he began to feel ‘strange’.

The then left the club and got into a car after being unable to hail a taxi, at which point he claims his memory began to ‘fade.’

He had faint memory of what happened next but he knew that something happened and the prosecution says the accused then took advantage of the man’s inebriation.

‘At some point, the prosecution claims, he was also supposed to give him a substance, possibly GHB.’

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Walsh called the drug a “aphrodisiac” with “euphoric and hallucinogenic effects.”

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