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Norwegian Princess gives up crown for Shaman

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Durek Verret. Screengrab from
1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY0VTqaH6NE

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway defies Norwegian opinion as she abandons her imperial lifestyle and responsibilities when she marries Hollywood’s spiritual guru and medicine man Durek Verrett.

Verret, a bisexual shaman, referred also as an “imposter, a charlatan, and a crook,” by columnist and humorist Dagfinn Nordbo, is a “sixth-generation shaman” who sells expensive medallions. He will soon become a member of Norway’s royal family once they’re officially married.


Amid this “lovestruck” controversy, so many questions arise.

Is the 51-year-old princess, who claims to speak to angels, madly in love with the African-American medicine man? Or was her mind made to “blur”? as shamans are known to have the ability to distort people’s minds? Did Verret make her drink some potion?

Or, is it because the princess, with her string of commercial endeavors, just wants to build her “own empire” consisting of alternative therapies? And perhaps, desires to become the century’s famous clairvoyant?

Giving up the crown but still a princess?

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While Princess Märtha Louise will keep her title in accordance with King Harald’s wishes, she no longer represents the royal house. In a statement from palace insiders, they clarified that “The princess … is relinquishing the role as a royal patron … and will not be representing the royal house at present.”

On the other hand, the medicine man as he becomes a member of the royal family, will not have a title or represent the monarchy.

Who is Durek Verrett?

With a penchant for statement necklaces, Verret began his shamanic ‘training’ at the age of 11. Born Derek Verrett to a wealthy family in Sacramento, California. His dad, David, was an engineer of African-Haitian lineage while his mom, Veruschka, is of Indian-Norwegian ancestry. He has an aunt by the name of Shirley, a renowned opera singer, and an African-American mezzo-soprano.

Today, he depicts himself as a bridge “between the spiritual and physical plane” and is endorsed by Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s multimillion-dollar wellness empire. His other clients include actresses Rosario Dawson and Nina Dobrev. A one-to-one session with Durek costs anywhere between £320 and £800.

Durek’s controversial book entitled Spirit Hacking was dropped by Norwegian publishers in 2019. In the book, the medicine man claimed that children get cancer because they are unhappy.

Love amidst skeptics

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In contrast to Meghan Markle—that other famous Black American who joined an all-white European royal family—Verrett claims that many people do not want a Black person in the family. “White people write all this hate and death threats to us and all this stuff for being together…. They don’t want to see a black man in the royal family.”

Immediately after the princess and the medicine man announced their engagement in an October issue of Town & Country magazine, they admitted it was hard to surprise each other. “Every time he planned something, I saw what he was up to,” the princess said.

Verret described the ‘love of his life’ as someone with psychic abilities. “We both have spiritual powers. If I have one single thought, she gets it immediately.”

Isn’t that the mark of people who are in love?

 Will their marriage survive?

The world doesn’t have the right to judge this very controversial couple, but looking at Princess Märtha Louise’s parents – Prince Harald who also married a commoner, Sonja – who have remained together until today, the medicine man and Norway’s princess have all the chances of living life within their fairytale and live happily ever after.

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The world should give them that chance.

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