Wednesday, June 29, 2022
InternationalOnly Fans founder had sex with Facebook staff to reclaim her Instagram...

Only Fans founder had sex with Facebook staff to reclaim her Instagram account

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If you believe that having sex with producers is solely necessary to get a role in Hollywood or the film industry, you are mistaken.

There have been numerous instances of women being exploited by film producers, including the infamous Jeffrey Epstein controversy.

We now have this. Only Fans founder Kitty Lixo was allegedly asked for sex by a Facebook employee in order to help her restore her suspended Instagram account.

It is also true that if Instagram or other social media platforms, determines that your account has broken one of their policies, restoring it might be difficult.

This is what the OnlyFans founder claimed when she detailed the lengths she went to reclaim her profile.

“If [IG] won’t listen to me or give me a chance to appeal I’ll just do it my way. I stick by that.”

She spilled the beans on the No Jumper podcast, explaining how she was able to recover her profile (which had over 196,000 followers) after sleeping with Meta employees (previously known as Facebook).

Lixo explained how she was able to achieve this as the “sluttiest thing she’s ever done” in an excerpt from the chat uploaded by No Jumper podcast host Adam (@adam22).

Lixo revealed what she found about the social media platform’s alleged review process.

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During the interview, she says when her IG account got deleted she started stalking down FB employees on LinkedIn.

She also started having sex with them until one finally gave her account back.

One Twitter user says, “I got banned from IG for posting only Anti Q-Anon content, So that’s what it takes to get my IG account back? Go “deep” undercover? damn!”  – @PIERREProgress

Many will surely ask the same question especially if it becomes a trend that Meta or Facebook, and other Socmed platforms start blocking or deleting influencers accounts!

Would they want to trade for something else, like in the case of the OF founder, to give back the accounts to the users?

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