Wednesday, June 29, 2022
AsiaMalaysiaPavethira, a TikTok star, was discovered dead in a gruesome murder case

Pavethira, a TikTok star, was discovered dead in a gruesome murder case

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It took a family member to identify items found at the death scene of Pavethira A/P Thilak, a TikTok star and influencer, in Perak, Malaysia.

This is how the charred body of a woman discovered and thought to have been killed by a river in a village on May 31, 2022, was identified.

Her 19-year-old brother was called in to identify the clothing and accessories she was wearing when she was discovered at the crime scene.

A YouTuber is facing the death penalty for the murder of his fiancée

Malaysia has recently been rocked by wild ‘influencers’ and at least one more murder case in which a YouTube influencer was murdered by her fiancée.

In this case too, the boyfriend of the victim has been remanded, the police say.

Last month, a Malaysian YouTuber was charged with the murder of a Malaysian woman who was his YouTube channel partner and fiancée.

We previously reported on the arrest of four men, including the YouTube influencer accused of murdering Nur Diyanah Haris, 21, in April at a house in Penang.

After conducting an investigation, the police brought the accused, Abdul Jamal Ahmad, 23, to court on April 15, where he appeared before Magistrate Nur Fadrina Zulkhairi.

Abdul Jamal was dressed all in black, with the word “Police” written on his T-shirt, and he simply nodded to show that he understood the charge. He is accused of murdering the woman.

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Some influencers were caught defacing palaces in Johor, while another started an online fight with his influencer wife, accusing her of being a bully.

Nobody expected another murder in which an influential person was the victim.

The cause of death

According to Perak Police Chief Datuk Nior Faridalathrash Wahid, forensics, dog detectors units (K9), and the Perak Police Headquarters Contingent were dispatched to the scene after receiving a call in the afternoon from a passerby who discovered the body.

According to the post-mortem examination of the victim’s body at Kuala Kangsar Hospital, the victim died from blunt trauma to the head as well as severe burn injuries.

The police also stated that a blood-stained piece of concrete was discovered near the victim’s body and is suspected to be the murder weapon.

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According to the police, they also brought her boyfriend, a 20-year-old man, in for questioning and to provide statements about his whereabouts.

The man has been remanded for seven days starting 4 June 2022 to assist in the investigation.

The family says the funeral of the victim has been carried out at the crematorium according to Indian customs and traditions.

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