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Early support shown for $5 million reparations to Black people in San Francisco

There are talks that strong support is brewing for the $5 million dollar reparations that are set for each eligible Black individual in San Francisco. However, Twitter users are showing their disapproval towards the matter as to them it sounds absurd. There are a number of comments between conservatives and liberals regarding this matter. 

According to CNN, the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee announces on Tuesday that a final report that includes board feedback is due in June. This is an intermediate step, with the board set to meet again on the issue in September. 

Supervisor Shamann Walton is emphasising that the real work continues and the community must stay focused and united. The committee is proposing this payment to each Black resident, which claims to be a way in addressing the racial wealth gap.

Above all, efforts like this are gaining in momentum since the 2020 police killing of George Floyd. Despite the stalling of federal reparations efforts in Congress, cities from Massachusetts to Illinois to California are making reparations efforts to atone for harms rooted in slavery.

$5 million for each Black resident in San Francisco 

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Moreover, American Twitter users are not happy with this information as some are calculating that the state needs billions of dollars to go through with this plan. Furthermore, a rough calculation suggests that an approximate of $250 billion will be spent on this social cause. That is, if there are only 50,000 Black residents in the city. 

However, according to another Twitter user, the others are getting significantly less in reparations. Affirmative action in colleges and large corporations are a form of reparations stated by the Twitter user.

A social media user states that they can only make recommendations on how the local authorities can do their jobs better. It seems that people are taking things out of proportion with each other. 

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Many agree to ideas like these only if the number in question is reasonable. This user states that the average White household has a higher net worth than the average Black household. Unfortunately, there are some inconsiderate comments citing that Black people are living off the governmental checks, which is not true. 

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