LifeRussia to build new village for White South Africans to seek refuge 

Russia to build new village for White South Africans to seek refuge 

It seems that the woke crowd will most definitely be upset with this news. Russia is apparently building new villages for White South Africans to seek refuge in. Unfortunately, racism is on the rise in South Africa. The number of White people that are getting threats are quite high.

According to RT News, a rural community about halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg has been chosen as the location for an “African village”. This forms part of a five-year pilot program aiming to settle numerous migrants from South Africa. 

Following that, Konstantin Klimenko, the leader of the Eurasian International University (EIU) and the general representative of the AIC in Russia, stated, “We plan to establish 30 settlements in Russia for Afrikaners seeking immigration.” 

Russia building new village for White South Africans 

Furthermore, Twitter users are stating that they are having confusion with Russia. One moment the country is peaceful, however, they are still at conflict with Ukraine. There are a number of speculations on why they are taking in White South Africans. Some state that it could be for farming, while others claim that it could be for the conflict against Ukraine. 

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However, some users claim that South Africa can still gain more economic freedom towards the Boers. Despite this, there are some who are stating that they will be more than willing to relocate to Russia. This is due to the safety and racial concerns that are a major problem in South Africa. 


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Some claim that a lot are already accepting the offers to go to Russia. Furthermore, users add that farming is lucrative. If South Africa does not want farmers with experience, other countries would definitely take them in within a heartbeat. 

There are those who claim to be Black that state these Boers are “racist”. However, Twitter users state that they will lose people with the proper qualifications and skills to help feed the country. Regardless, this plea is falling on deaf ears, and we will have to wait and see what happens next. 

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