InternationalWorldRussian ‘Tinder Swindler’ Frolov scams 300 women

Russian ‘Tinder Swindler’ Frolov scams 300 women

We have all heard of the Tinder Swindler which was even made into a Netflix documentary but apparently there is now, Dmitry Frolov, a Russian who is similar to the Netflix story. Frolov, 42 was arrested following a tip-off from one of his victims.

He is believed to have been using false and names and documents for the last 10 years to swindle women conning them out of tens of millions of rubles, according to a Metro news report.

Bald Frolov 

Frolov is actually bald, has a beer belly and a double chin but portrays himself as a cute and caring chubby man who is just looking for marriage and family.

The cunning man targeted vulnerable women, convincing them to support joint business ventures, leaving them financially devastated.

One victim, Milennaya, lost six million rubles (£4,000) after the scammer persuaded her to buy a larger apartment in her daughter’s name. She found herself homeless with her devastated child.

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Alexandra Peskova, another victim from Moscow, was manipulated by the conman for over two years. He enticed her with the idea of building a joint business, almost causing her to sell her family home.

He even convinced her to give him her Solaris car, promising to purchase a bigger all-wheel-drive vehicle for their supposed business.

The skilled psychologist, would shower his victims with gifts and compliments whenever they expressed doubt. Peskova recalled him sending her on a holiday at his expense, creating the illusion of generosity. Unbeknownst to her, he was simultaneously spending the 400,000 rubles (£4,200) she received from selling her car.

This heartless swindler preyed on the vulnerability and trust of unsuspecting women, exploiting their desire to provide a better future for their children and achieve financial stability.

As a result, these women were left emotionally and financially shattered, struggling to rebuild their lives after being deceived.

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Frolov’s modus operandi was to string his victims along for a few months and then trap them by hinting at marriage, joint business ventures or buying a home together.

One woman said, “He even deceived those who had no money, and women took out loans for him. He fooled the relatives of his mistresses. He enjoyed it, it gave him an adrenaline rush.”

Police say that he is from a small town called Alexandrov in Vladimir Oblast. He has been charged with fraud and faces six years jail if convicted.

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NOTE: Photo above is from a poster of the Netflix’s Tinder Swindler

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