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Shah Rukh Khan fights flies as he records New Year message for , asks them to not send him long greetings as ‘they all mean the same thing’

Talking about the lessons taught by the year 2020, he said, "Real fun is with real people -- your family, your friends, your loved ones."




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India, Jan. 2 — has shared a hilarious video to wish his a happy and asked them to not send him lengthy messages on as “they all mean the same thing”. He also apologised for the quality of the video which him struggling with flies and mosquitoes, claiming that he made all by himself as his staff wasn’t available.

The video opened with Shah Rukh fighting off flies and mosquitoes while fixing his as he sat in front of the to record his message in a night suit. Finally coming to the point, Shah Rukh said that one must not look back at the awful year gone by and shared his way of looking at difficult times. He said, “I believe when one is at the lowest and the bottomest of their , the good thing is, that from here, there is only one way to move — that is upwards, higher, to better places. So 2020, whatever has been, has been in the past now and I believe is going to be bigger, better, brighter and more beautiful for all of us.”

Talking about the lessons taught by the year 2020, he said, “Real fun is with real people — your , your friends, your loved ones. All the friends and enemies you make virtually, taking sides or fighting against you online, is good fun, time pass, but it’s not for keeps.” He further wished his fans “, joy and peace” while claiming that he was sounding like a “cheap greeting card”. He asked them not to send him long messages as they all mean the same and a simple ‘Wish you a Happy New Year’ message would be enough.

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Shah Rukh further asked his fans to be “romantic, emphatic, pragmatic, democratic, fantastic” in 2021 and added, “just don’t be mathematic as it’s very boring and doesn’t rhyme with the other words.” He advised them to party in moderation.

The actor, has reportedly begun working on his next, titled Pathan, ended the video, saying, “See you on the big screen in 2021.” He had been on a two-year sabbatical after the critical failure of his 2018 film, Zero.For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at contentservices@htlive.comHT Digital streams Ltd

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